Mosque & Turkish bath pavilion

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Mosque & Turkish bath pavilion - Russia
Mosque & Turkish bath pavilion - Russia
@vladan4 - Unsplash
Mosque & Turkish bath pavilion
📍 Russia
The Mosque & Turkish bath pavilion in Sankt-Peterburg, Russia is a spectacular sight to behold. Constructed in the late 18th century, the eye-catching and grandiose domed structures are intricately designed and blended with marvelous elements of Turkish architecture. It is a historical location and a symbol of Saint-Petersburg’s multiculturalism. The Mosque consists of two adjacent buildings with two-storey galleries that surround a majestic central hall, and a prayer hall off to the side. Take a stroll around and enjoy the awe-inspiring interior décor, with its elaborate patterns and floral engravings. Not too far away lies the Turkish bath pavilion, made to resemble the baths of Turkey. It houses two magnificent steam rooms built with exquisite ceramic tiles. Both the Mosque and the Turkish bath pavilion provide an insight into the history of the city and are definitely worth a visit.

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