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Mont-Blanc - From Mont-Fortin, La Thuile, Italy
Mont-Blanc - From Mont-Fortin, La Thuile, Italy
đź“Ť From Mont-Fortin, La Thuile, Italy
Mont-Blanc is an alpine paradise that sits at the very tip of northern Italy. It is the highest mountain of the Alps, reaching an awe-inspiring 4,810 metres into the sky. From the peak, one can witness the magnificence of the surrounding valley, which is renowned for its spectacular views. While trekking here, one can experience the rugged solitude and beauty of the alpine terrain, and take in the rugged summits of the Monte Bianco range. The slopes are lined with colourful icefalls, and many trekkers and mountaineers pursue the challenge of summitting the glacier's peak. Off the slopes, Il Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso offers a diverse natural landscape of forests and meadows, providing abundant wildlife, birdwatching, and great recreation. Whenever you visit Mont-Blanc, be sure to pack a camera, as this region is rich in breathtaking beauty!

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One of the most beautiful views of Mont Blanc is obtained from the top of Mont Fortin, which, as its name does not indicate, is in Italy. It is accessible from La Thuile, on the Italian side, or from Ville des Glaciers, on the French side. This last route is long (25 km for the round trip) and requires a little training (1500 m of elevation gain, crossing of scree), especially if you want to take photo equipment and a tent and a sleeping bag for the bivouac at the top - we are at 2300m all the same, the nights can be cold). But the panorama is worth the effort: we are 8 km as the crow flies from Mont-Blanc, with no other relief in between that obscures the view. Breathtaking...
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