Molenfeuer Westmole

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Molenfeuer Westmole - Germany
Molenfeuer Westmole - Germany
@philipp_deus - Unsplash
Molenfeuer Westmole
­čôŹ Germany
The Westmole Lighthouse in Bremerhaven, Germany, is a German maritime landmark that has been luring travelers and photographers alike since late 19th century. Nicknamed 'Molenfeuer Westmole', the lighthouse stands proudly at a height of 28 meters and dominates the skyline of the bustling port city. Replete with maritime history and captivating views, the structure is a testament to the city's historical significance and has been used by many ships as a point of destination. It's a classic German building with a domed roof, steel posts and white walls, and its unique design has caught the eye many photographers. Visitors can enjoy great views of the Weser River and the North Sea, and it's definitely worth climbing up the short staircase for a closer look. Bremerhaven is a great place to explore, and the Westmole Lighthouse is one of the most spectacular landmarks in the city.

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