Matsuyama Castle

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Matsuyama Castle - Japan
Matsuyama Castle - Japan
@mak_jp - Unsplash
Matsuyama Castle
📍 Japan
Matsuyama Castle is a must-see for anyone visiting Matsuyama, Japan. The castle sits high atop Mount Katsuyama and its many buildings are visible throughout the city. Built in 1603 by feudal lord Kato Yoshiaki, the castle has been well-preserved and still houses important cultural artifacts dating back to its construction. The grounds are open to the public and provide stunning views of the city and the surrounding area. Visitors can explore the walls, watchtowers, and gates, and take leisurely strolls through the gardens. The castle was also the former home of several Shoguns, including the notable Matsudaira Sadanobu in the early 1800s. Within the buildings, visitors can explore the museum, tea ceremony room, and ancient treasure room, as well as many other buildings. A visit to Matsuyama Castle is an unforgettable experience that anyone should add to their itinerary!

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