Marktbrunnen - Hase Brunnen

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Marktbrunnen - Hase Brunnen - Germany
Marktbrunnen - Hase Brunnen - Germany
@paulacrespos14 - Unsplash
Marktbrunnen - Hase Brunnen
­čôŹ Germany
The Market Fountain in Hannover, Germany is one of the city's most iconic landmarks. The fountain was created in 1902 for the local market and is found at the Market Church. It features a 30-foot tall bronze statue of a stag with a tremendous fountain pouring water from its mouth. The fountain is the work of sculptor Otto Lessing and welcomes visitors to the historic center of Hannover. The fountain and its surroundings form an idyllic environment surrounded by classic German architecture and cobbled streets. This is an ideal destination to explore Hannover's Old Town and learn more about the city's history. Visitors can take a pleasant stroll around the area, visit the church, admire the fountain and take in the views. The streets around the fountain are also full of great shops, cafes and restaurants and a great place to start your exploration of Hannover.

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