Mandargiri Jain Temple

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Mandargiri Jain Temple - India
Mandargiri Jain Temple - India
@kakudmi - Unsplash
Mandargiri Jain Temple
📍 India
Mandargiri Jain Temple, also known as Basadi Betta, is a lesser-known gem for photo-travelers, nestled in the serene landscapes near Madagondanahalli, India. This picturesque spot is crowned with a cluster of Jain temples, the highlight being a uniquely shaped Gurumandir shaped like a peacock feather, standing in bright and vibrant colors, which offers a spectacular sight against the tranquil backdrop. The hillock itself, accessible by a flight of steps, promises panoramic views of the surrounding plains, ideal for capturing the beauty of dawn or dusk. The complex houses ancient, intricately carved temples dating back centuries, with the peaceful ambiance providing a perfect setting for introspective and architectural photography. The serene and relatively untouched environment around Mandargiri makes it a perfect spot for those looking to capture the essence of spiritual India away from the bustling tourist trails. Remember to respect the sanctity of the place; modest clothing and decorum are advised.

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