Mam Tor

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Mam Tor - United Kingdom
Mam Tor - United Kingdom
@bagwash123 - Unsplash
Mam Tor
📍 United Kingdom
Mam Tor is an iconic mountain located in the Peak District in England. It gives a spectacular view of the hills, moors and farmland below, as well as offering a great view of the nearby Hope Valley – plus it’s home to the highest point in the Peak District. The mountain is littered with large limestone rocks which were left behind after melting icebergs during the Ice Age. The name ‘Mam Tor’ means ‘Mother Hill’ – so named because of its tendency to collapse regularly due to erosion. The summit offers previously unseen terrain, across the Peak District, and some interesting rock formations. There are many paths and walks that take you around Mam Tor, as well as several routes up the mountain itself. It’s a perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts, as well as seekers of natural beauty.

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