Maloja Pass

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Maloja Pass - From Viewpoint, Switzerland
Maloja Pass - From Viewpoint, Switzerland
@samferrara - Unsplash
Maloja Pass
📍 From Viewpoint, Switzerland
The Maloja Pass in Bregaglia, Switzerland is a beautiful mountain pass that towers at an impressive 1,815m (5,955ft) above sea level. This majestic pass is located between Bergamo, Switzerland and the Italian border. Found between the peaks of the Swiss and Italian Alps, the Maloja Pass offers stunning views of both countries' mountain ranges.

The Maloja Pass is a popular holiday destination, with excellent skiing and snowboarding during the winter and magnificent hikes through the meadows and forests during the summer. Other activities such as mountain biking, golf and paragliding are offered here. Additionally, there is the Maloja Palace with its Alpine garden, the Maloja Cave and the Castello Fuorimura. The long, peaceful and winding road up the mountain is a photographer's paradise. Whether it be the crisp snow of the winter sunlight, the vibrant greens and yellows of spring and summer or the vivacious browns and oranges of autumn, the Maloja Pass's landscape offers something beautiful for everyone to snap. This picturesque overlook will provide a perfect backdrop for your vacation memories.

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