Magdeburger Dom

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Magdeburger Dom - From Domplatz, Germany
Magdeburger Dom - From Domplatz, Germany
@codingtim - Unsplash
Magdeburger Dom
đź“Ť From Domplatz, Germany
The Magdeburger Dom in Magdeburg, Germany, is a beautiful Romanesque cathedral that originally dates from 1030. It has undergone extensive renovations since then and is a beautiful example of early Norman architecture. The main hall, the Apsis, was redecorated in the late 18th century by Augustus the Strong and features a large picture of the Last Judgement, along with several side altars. There are also four side chapels, each of which is dedicated to one of the four Evangelists. Other attractions include the Domhof, the inviting garden of the Magdeburger Dom, and the quaint streets of the old city. There are also a number of interesting monuments and historical buildings to explore. There is plenty to appreciate both inside and outside the cathedral, and it provides an enlightening encounter with German heritage and culture.

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