Magdeburg Hbf

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Magdeburg Hbf - Germany
Magdeburg Hbf - Germany
@designfuchs - Unsplash
Magdeburg Hbf
📍 Germany
Magdeburg Hbf, or Magdeburg Main Station, is the largest railway station in Magdeburg, located in the north of the city centre. It is a major hub for regional transport, with direct rail connections to Berlin, Halle, Weimar and Wernigerode. It was built in 1890 and operates as a transit hub for Deutsche Bahn Regional, ICE and Intercity-Express services. The main building of the station is a grand building featuring an impressive stained-glass window at the front entrance and a 100-year-old clock tower at the entrance. It is also a great place for travelers and photographers as it features a public space for cultural events such as concerts, markets and exhibitions. The station forecourt also boasts a range of colourful mosaic tiles and plenty of green space, making it ideal for stopping and relaxing. Take a break give yourself time to soak up the locals and observe the movements of the passengers. It is a short walk from various cafes, restaurants and attractions in Magdeburg's historic city centre.

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