Lviv Railway Station

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Lviv Railway Station - Ukraine
Lviv Railway Station - Ukraine
@xokvictor - Unsplash
Lviv Railway Station
📍 Ukraine
Lviv Railway Station, also known as Mithridatka, is one of the most iconic and historically significant monuments in L'viv, Ukraine. L'viv Railway Station is the oldest and busiest train station in the city, dating back to 1866. The building was designed by architect Ivan Levynsky and is built in the neo-Renaissance style. With its unique combination of beautiful architecture, rich history, and modern transportation, Lviv Railway Station is a must-visit destination for travelers and photographers. Nearby, be sure to visit Ploshcha Rynok, Lviv's main square, and the many unique museums that dot the city. Travellers can take direct rail travel to many cities in Ukraine, and even to neighbouring European countries. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the station, take in the stunning architecture, and grab souvenirs from the station shops. Whatever your journey, L'viv Railway Station is sure to be a memorable visit.

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