Lumphini Park

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Lumphini Park - Thailand
Lumphini Park - Thailand
@youthreee - Unsplash
Lumphini Park
📍 Thailand
Lumphini Park, a green oasis amidst Bangkok's hustle, offers photo-travelers picturesque views with its large artificial lake where paddle boats can be rented for a closer look at the scenery. Early mornings are magical as the park fills with Tai Chi practitioners, adding a serene and cultural element to your shots. Capture the contrasting modern skyline of Bangkok against the tranquil, green backdrop of the park. The monitor lizards, freely roaming around, provide a unique wildlife photography opportunity within an urban setting. Visit during the Thai Festival of Lights (Loi Krathong) for stunning night photography, capturing the serene beauty of candle-lit floats on the water. Sunset and sunrise are golden hours here, accentuating the park’s natural beauty and creating dramatic silhouettes of the trees and skyline.

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