Light Art

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Light Art - From Lindenplatz, Germany
Light Art - From Lindenplatz, Germany
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Light Art
ūüďć From Lindenplatz, Germany
Light Art Unna is a gorgeous art museum located in Western Germany, in Unna. Visitors can find a vast selection of stunning photographs, light installations and sculptures both indoors and outdoors. Exhibited at the museum are works of well-known international artists, like Jo Karis or Peter Langer. Guests can also enjoy the outdoor park where they can simply enjoy nature. Though the museum focuses heavily on photography, visitors to the site can also gain insight into new art movements that typically involve technologically-enriched art forms. The museum often hosts weekend exhibitions according to different topics that make sure each visit to the museum is a fresh experience. Visitors can also shop for interesting trinkets at the museum's gift shop. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes as you'll have ample opportunity to explore the museum grounds.

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