Lennon's Wall

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Lennon's Wall - Prague
Lennon's Wall - Prague
@neilsu - Unsplash
Lennon's Wall
📍 Prague
Lennon's Wall is located in the Malá Strana district of Prague and is a famous landmark for travelers. It is a wall filled with colorful graffiti of famous singer, songwriter and artist John Lennon, who is most known for being a part of the Beatles. Despite the fact that graffiti began to appear there in 1980's, it has now grown to cover the entire wall. The wall is a popular spot for visitors to take pictures, as it is a symbol of peace, love and global unity. Tourists usually come here to take pictures, leave graffiti messages, and just enjoy the atmosphere. The wall is located next to the French Embassy, so a quick stop at this iconic location is a must-do when exploring the historic district of Malá Strana of Prague.

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