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Lecco - From Resegone, Italy
Lecco - From Resegone, Italy
@taso__ss - Unsplash
📍 From Resegone, Italy
Lecco, in the Lombardy region of Italy, is a popular destination for nature lovers and adventurers alike. Situated at the end of Lake Como, Lecco has a wide range of attractions for visitors to explore. From the views of Lake Como and the foothills of the Alps to the iconic villas and public gardens, there is plenty to keep you busy in Lecco.

A visit to Lecco would be amiss without a stop at Parco del Curone, located just west of the city. Here you can enjoy watching native birds and animals, as well as taking a walk up to the top of the Monte Barro to enjoy spectacular views. In the center of town is the famous Monumento ai Caduti, which was built to commemorate World War I victims from the city. A unique attraction is the San Nicolò complex, with impressive Gothic sculptures and carvings dating back centuries. While visiting Lecco you should stop by some of the lakeside towns for a visit. These towns are known for their picturesque scenery and you can also enjoy traditional Italian treats such as gelato or aperitifs by the water. For a dose of culture, head over to the Teatro Riccardo Vercelli, a Roman-era theater dating back to the 1400’s. Nearby is the Sanctuary of S. Maria delle Grazie, a historical monastery that dates back to the 12th century. For a quirky attraction, visit the Statue of Comolli. This statue of a monk holds his arms raised in the direction of Lecco and is said to give good fortune to anyone who looks upon it. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful escape or an opportunity to explore Italian culture, Lecco offers a wealth of attractions sure to please any traveler.

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