Las Poyatas

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Las Poyatas - Spain
Las Poyatas - Spain
Las Poyatas
📍 Spain
Las Pozas is a surrealistic garden located in Xilitla, in the Huasteca region of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, not Spain. Created by the eccentric English poet and artist Edward James, it spans over 80 acres in the Mexican jungle. A paradise for photo-travelers, it features more than 30 structures, including fantastical sculptures, winding staircases to nowhere, and elaborately designed bridges that intertwine with natural waterfalls and pools, from which Las Pozas derives its name, meaning "The Pools" in Spanish. The site blends the line between architecture and nature, with elements designed to complement the exotic plants and animal life. The best light for photography is early morning when the sunlight filters through the dense jungle canopy, creating a mystical atmosphere. Late afternoons offer a soft, diffused light ideal for capturing the surreal beauty of the sculptures. The rainy season (May to September) brings lush greenery and vibrant life to the gardens, though pathways can be slippery. Note, it can be quite humid and physically demanding to explore, so wear comfortable shoes and consider the physical effort when planning your visit.

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