Kyrylivka' Beach

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Kyrylivka' Beach - Ukraine
Kyrylivka' Beach - Ukraine
@vladislavchubar - Unsplash
Kyrylivka' Beach
📍 Ukraine
Kyrylivka Beach, located in Kyrylivka, Ukraine, is one of the most beautiful Black Sea beach spots. Its stunningly clear, blue-green water, long wide sand strip, and mountainous background of the Crimean Mountains create a stunningly picturesque setting. The many watersport activities, such as banana boats and water scooters, make the beach a perfect place for an entertaining beach day. The warm climate, shallow shore and accessible beachfront line makes it a great family beach since kids can easily play and spend time in the water without an adult having to constantly monitor them. Despite its popularity, the beach is quite isolated and there is not much in the way of accommodations or restaurants. However, it is still an interesting and beautiful spot to explore.

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