Kintai Bridge

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Kintai Bridge - Japan
Kintai Bridge - Japan
@mako_cha - Unsplash
Kintai Bridge
📍 Japan
Kintai Bridge is a historical arch bridge in Iwakuni, Japan which spans the Nishiki River. Built in 1673 by a local feudal lord to honor the delegation of Shogun Tokugawa, Kintai Bridge is widely recognized as one of Japan's most iconic bridges. Constructed from wood and standing at an impressive size of 511 meters, it is composed of five interlocking arches supported by bluestone pillars on the banks of the river and is a sight popular with visitors and locals alike. On the east side of the bridge stands the Kintai Bridge Gate, an impressive structure composed of tile-covered, curved gables which act as an imposing entrance to the castle town. The bridge is also a favorite spot for photographers, thanks to its serene and picturesque backdrop.

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