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Keukenhof - Netherlands
Keukenhof - Netherlands
📍 Netherlands
Keukenhof, in the Netherlands, is a stunning performance of the natural world. Over 7 million flowers of various varieties from tulips to lilies to hyacinths fill 80 acres of carefully landscaped gardens. This beautiful showcase of Dutch culture and tradition is a must-see destination for travelers and photographers. From April to mid-May, the lush grounds become a colorful array of hues as millions of tulips bloom. A pleasure to explore, it's not only a photographer's paradise but a destination for children, too, offering fun playgrounds and activities. Keukenhof also showcases modern works created by top international designers. Alongside these whimsical displays, visitors can enjoy guided tours, winding rivers, and vast displays of windmills. Renowned as the world's most extravagant park, Keukenhof is the perfect day out for the whole family.

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