Kander River

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Kander River - Switzerland
Kander River - Switzerland
Kander River
📍 Switzerland
The Kander River flows through the picturesque Kandertal valley in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. Its turquoise waters are framed by steep cliffs and verdant forests, a perfect backdrop for avid photographers. The river’s course includes serene stretches perfect for capturing reflections of the surrounding Alps, while its more turbulent sections, particularly near the Blausee, offer dramatic waterfall and rapid shots. During autumn, the changing foliage adds a vibrant contrast to the landscape, and in winter, the snow-covered landscapes around the river provide a serene, almost monochromatic scene. The Blausee area, aside from its mystical blue lake, offers unique photo opportunities with submerged trees visible through the clear water. Early mornings are magical, with mist rising from the water and soft light filtering through the trees. Be ready to explore on foot; many of the most stunning vistas require a bit of hiking.

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