Japanischer Garten - Düsseldorf

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Japanischer Garten - Düsseldorf - Germany
Japanischer Garten - Düsseldorf - Germany
@an1mus - Unsplash
Japanischer Garten - Düsseldorf
📍 Germany
The Japanischer Garten in Düsseldorf, Germany, is an enchanting piece of east Asian culture in the middle of a European city. The attractive 8 hectares park offers visitors a tranquil, peaceful atmosphere. The design of the the Japansicher Garten is based on the traditional Karesansui garden style of Japan, using rocks, gravels and sand to create interesting and stunning textures. Visit to appreciate the splendorous cherry blossom in spring, lotus flowers in summer, maples in autumn and snow in winter. Explore the pavilions and winding paths, try the authentic Japanese tea ceremony, or peaceful meditation next to the lake in this very unique park.

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