James Prinsep Ghat

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James Prinsep Ghat - India
James Prinsep Ghat - India
@ravi2rty - Unsplash
James Prinsep Ghat
đź“Ť India
James Prinsep Ghat is an iconic spot on the Hooghly River waterfront in Kolkata, India. It was built in 1843 by the renowned British civil servant and scholar, James Prinsep, and provides a perfect snapshot of the city's colonial past. The two-kilometre long promenade along the north bank of the Hooghly River is lined with some of the city's grandest monuments, including the well-preserved Kapalishwar Temple, the white tongue-incised gothic-style Prinsep Memorial and the stately Writers' Building. At the end of the promenade, you can take in the splendid view of the river against a colorful sunset. You can even take ferry rides around the river and explore the bankside villages or take a step into the past and admire the 19th century buildings and mansions lining the river. At night, the ghat is lit up with fluorescent lights and most of it is open till late in the night. Thereby providing an opportunity to take a unique and beautiful photograph.

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