Isla Palominitos

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Isla Palominitos - Puerto Rico
Isla Palominitos - Puerto Rico
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Isla Palominitos
📍 Puerto Rico
Isla Palominitos is a small uninhabited island situated off the east coast of Puerto Rico in Fajardo. It is part of the Zona Marítima de Manejo Especial (Marine Special Management Zone). On the island you can find many wildlife species, such as the endangered leatherback sea turtle. An added bonus is the crystal clear waters, which makes snorkeling, swimming and kayaking a great option. There are also two lagoons inside the island where you can find amazing views and take perfect pictures. That is why, Isla Palominitos is also known as a paradise for photographers due its unique perspective, amazing flora and fauna, as well as the refreshing and breathtaking views. If you're planning to visit Isla Palominitos, remember to bring snorkel gear for you and your family, plenty of sun protection and high quality cameras to capture the wonder of the island.

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