Henkerhaus Museum

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Henkerhaus Museum - Germany
Henkerhaus Museum - Germany
@hariseldon - Unsplash
Henkerhaus Museum
📍 Germany
The Henkerhaus Museum in Nürnberg, Germany is a great location to explore the dark side of the city's history. Constructed in 1285, the current building dates back to 1928 and was originally the jail for convicted criminals. It was used until 1997 and has since been used as a museum to showcase the history of criminal proceedings, as well as instruments and artifacts from the city's executioners throughout the centuries. The museum offers a unique insight into criminal justice of that era, where the punishment was often harsh. The museum also holds a special attraction in the form of a free-standing gallows where 'justice' was once carried out. The museum's interactive exhibits, which include a virtual reality tour of the mock courtroom and prison cells, provides visitors with a more hands-on experience.

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