Heiliggeistkirche am Marktplatz

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Heiliggeistkirche am Marktplatz - Germany
Heiliggeistkirche am Marktplatz - Germany
@mnyar - Unsplash
Heiliggeistkirche am Marktplatz
📍 Germany
The Heiliggeistkirche am Marktplatz is one of Heidelberg's most iconic and stunning religious sites. The iconic structure is home to an evangelical law church which dates back to the 15th century. This masterpiece of Gothic Renaissance architecture overlooks the city's historic center, offering visitors a beautiful and unique view of Heidelberg's famous old town. The church itself is an impressive sight, with its two spires soaring above the surrounding rooftops and its colorful stone façade adorned with sculptures and statutes. Inside, the church features baroque stucco work, stained glass windows, and a beautiful organ encased in a grand casing. A visit to the church is sure to be a unique and stimulating experience for any traveler and photographer.

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