Halfway up Mt. Tokachi-dake

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Halfway up Mt. Tokachi-dake - Japan
Halfway up Mt. Tokachi-dake - Japan
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Halfway up Mt. Tokachi-dake
📍 Japan
Mt. Tokachi-dake is a volcanic mountain located in Shintoku, Japan, and the highest peak on the island of Hokkaido. It is part of the Daisetsuzan National Park and is known for its stunning views of the surrounding visage. The area is also home to a number of trees, lush vegetation, and wild animals, making it a great spot for hiking and wildlife viewing. At the peak, you will be surrounded by some of the highest mountains in Japan and a vast expanse of sky, an incredible view to behold. From the summit, you can also take in the panoramic view, including the volcanos of Mt. Shiri-dake, Koma-dake, and Rishiri-dake. There are a few trails leading up to the top, the most popular of which is a six-hour hike from the nearby town of Kamiyubetsu. For those looking for a more challenging climb, you can also ascend from a nearby mountain hut. The whole hike usually takes about 11 hours. The mountain is open year-round and the best time to visit is during the flowering season in spring.

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