Hakone Jinjya Heiwa-no-Torii

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Hakone Jinjya Heiwa-no-Torii - Japan
Hakone Jinjya Heiwa-no-Torii - Japan
@tianshu - Unsplash
Hakone Jinjya Heiwa-no-Torii
📍 Japan
Hakone Jinja Heiwa-no-Torii is a picturesque shrine located in the annual pilgrimage route of the Oshino-Hakone-Kowakidani in Hakone, Japan. It is greatly admired for its immense size and beauty, having a huge wooden torii (gate) of 18 meters, which is dedicated to the god of war and luck. Every year during May, a festival is held to pay respect to the gods, making the sight even more impressive. Its calm and peaceful atmosphere makes it an amazing escape from the crowded city life. You can find many other attractions in the vicinity, such as the famous Hakone Open-Air Museum, the Hakone Shrine and the Lake Ashi. The entrance fee of this shrine is free and it is open 24 hours. Walking around the area and take in the stunning mountain views will make it an enjoyable experience.

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