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Gravensteen - From Hoofdbrug, Belgium
Gravensteen - From Hoofdbrug, Belgium
@mntam - Unsplash
📍 From Hoofdbrug, Belgium
Gravensteen, a medieval castle in the heart of Gent, radiates a sense of power and history. Perfect for photo-travelers, its architecture and the surrounding moat offer stunning reflections, especially at dusk or dawn. The fortress provides a panoramic view of Gent's skyline from the battlements, a must-capture scene. Inside, the Museum of Torture adds a grim but intriguing element, with dimly lit artifacts that challenge your photography skills. While visiting, use the natural light filtering through ancient windows to highlight the textures of stone walls and artifacts. Early mornings or late afternoons are ideal to avoid crowds and catch the golden hour, enhancing your shots with a magical glow. Look for unique angles and details, like the ironwork or the contrast between the castle's ruggedness and the city's vibrancy, to create compelling narratives in your images.

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