Godzilla Head

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Godzilla Head - Japan
Godzilla Head - Japan
Godzilla Head
📍 Japan
Godzilla Head, also known as the "Godzilla Statue" or "Godzilla Square," is a popular tourist spot in Shinjuku City, Japan. It is located near the Shinjuku railway station, making it easily accessible. The statue is a 12-meter-tall bronze sculpture of the iconic Japanese movie monster, Godzilla. It was installed in 1995 and has become a landmark for fans of the franchise and tourists alike. It is a great spot for photo-taking, especially at night when the statue is lit up with red lights, creating an ominous and dramatic effect. The surrounding area is also filled with other Godzilla-themed attractions, including a gift shop and a permanent Godzilla exhibition. Visitors should plan to spend at least an hour here to fully appreciate the statue and its surroundings. Admission is free, and the area is open 24/7, making it a convenient stop for photo-travelers. However, be mindful of the crowds, especially during peak tourist seasons. Overall, Godzilla Head is a must-visit for any fans of the franchise and anyone looking for a unique and memorable photo opportunity in Tokyo.

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