Globe Cinema

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Globe Cinema - Canada
Globe Cinema - Canada
Globe Cinema
📍 Canada
Globe Cinema is a historic movie theater in the city of Calgary, Canada. It was originally built in 1912 and has since undergone multiple renovations, preserving its elegant Art Deco style.

One of the main attractions of Globe Cinema is its programming of alternative and independent films, making it a popular destination for cinephiles. It also hosts film festivals, including the Calgary Underground Film Festival, showcasing a diverse range of international and Canadian films. Aside from its unique film offerings, Globe Cinema also has a small bar and concession stand where visitors can purchase snacks and drinks to enjoy during the movie. The theater has a cozy and intimate atmosphere, with a capacity of only 125 seats. This makes it a perfect spot for solo travelers or smaller groups looking for a more personal movie-watching experience. For photographers, the Art Deco design of the cinema's exterior and interior offers a great opportunity for capturing unique and aesthetically pleasing shots. It also serves as a popular backdrop for fashion and film-themed photo shoots. If you're visiting Calgary and looking for a cinematic experience outside of mainstream Hollywood films, Globe Cinema is definitely worth checking out. Just make sure to check the schedule beforehand, as it often screens films only on specific days and times.

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