Glenveagh Castle

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Glenveagh Castle - Ireland
Glenveagh Castle - Ireland
@kmitchhodge - Unsplash
Glenveagh Castle
📍 Ireland
Glenveagh Castle is a 19th-century castle located in the Glenveagh National Park, Donegal, Ireland, and is the largest Irish estate open to the public. Built by John George Adair, its Victorian style is influenced by the gothic revival. The castle is set in a spectacular landscape of rocky mountains, picturesque lakes and woodland, and visitors to the park can explore trails, visit the castle, and see herds of wild red deer. It is a popular destination for members of the Irish diaspora who are interested in experiencing the romantic notion of the past. The park is also of great interest to nature lovers and photographers, as it is home to a range of birds, mammals, and insects, as well as a number of rare and endangered species.

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