Giau Pass

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Giau Pass - From Path, Italy
Giau Pass - From Path, Italy
@flaviewxvx - Unsplash
Giau Pass
📍 From Path, Italy
Giau Pass is an alpine pass located in Colle Santa Lucia, Italy. At an altitude of 2236 meters, it is one of the toughest passes in the European Alps. It is located between Monte Rite and Monte Servetta, two magnificent peaks in the Dolomites mountain range.

The Giau Pass has amazing views of the breath-taking beauty of the Dolomites and surrounding valleys. The climb up to the pass is a challenging 16 km journey, with long and winding roads. Once at the pass, you will be surrounded by dramatic cliffs, rugged peaks, and alpine lakes. For the more daring adventurer, you can also access the area via a funicular railway, which runs frequently between Colle Santa Lucia and San Vito di Cadore. There is also an alpine hut nearby, which is ideal for overnight stays or to relax and enjoy the majestic panoramic views of the rock formations. The area around Giau Pass is excellent for walking, cycling, and even a spot of skiing in the winter months. With its stunning scenery, it is a must-visit for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and mountain enthusiasts.

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