Gates of Heaven

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Gates of Heaven - Indonesia
Gates of Heaven - Indonesia
@fourcolourblack - Unsplash
Gates of Heaven
📍 Indonesia
The Gates of Heaven in Tri Buana, Indonesia, are a unique geological formation in the remote village of Lempuyang on the island of Bali. The site consists of three "gates," which are a series of tiered cascading limestone steps leading up to the sky. The view from the peak of the steps is said to offer "nirvana," which might explain why it has become such a popular tourist destination.

The path to the gate is a trek of 820 stone steps climbing up the hills from the base of Mount Lempuyang, and is known locally as the 'Path of Heaven'. Along the way, visitors can explore the tropical scenery and monkeys that live in the region. At the top, visitors can enjoy the stunning views of the mountaintops and the surrounding landscape. Due to its increasiotherng popularity, the Gate of Heaven is often visited by tour buses, so it's best to book a private tour for a more personal experience. Furthermore, since the sun can be very strong in the midday, it's recommended to go as early as possible before sunrise.

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