Freddie Mercury statue

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Freddie Mercury statue - Switzerland
Freddie Mercury statue - Switzerland
@ivguerrero - Unsplash
Freddie Mercury statue
📍 Switzerland
The Freddie Mercury Statue in Switzerland is the perfect stop for travelers and photographers alike. Located in Montreux, this impressive bronze statue stands at 10 feet tall and shows the iconic artist in all of his flamboyant glory. Inspired by Freddie’s immortal song “Love of my Life”, the statue commemorates the band Queen’s stay here in the 1970s when they recorded portions of the album Jazz at Mountain Studios. With its exquisite details, this statue serves as a reminder of Freddie's legacy and love for music, and as a homage to the fans who continue to admire him. A trip to this statue guarantees an interesting photo opportunity and a chance to pay tribute to the unforgettable singer.

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