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Fosstorfufoss - Iceland
Fosstorfufoss - Iceland
@mwrossman - Unsplash
📍 Iceland
Fosstorfufoss is a dramatic waterfall located near the town of Evindarhólar in the north of Iceland. It plunges over a steep cascade that has been said to resemble the face of a troll peering out of his cave.

The falls themselves can be found within a narrow stone canyon, minimally touched by human presence. The scene and experience are awe-inspiring. Blocks of basalt, or frozen lava, and other fascinating geological formations can be seen both above and below the falls. The atmosphere of this waterfall is surreal and powerful. Its charming beauty is unlike anything else, and the sound and power of the falling water is sure to leave you mesmerized. A great way to experience Fosstorfufoss is to stand in the middle of the canyon so the waterfall is all around you. Such a stunning riverside environment is sure to make for an unforgettable experience.

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