Fort Point

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Fort Point - United States
Fort Point - United States
@nicholasjio - Unsplash
Fort Point
📍 United States
Fort Point is an iconic landmark in San Francisco, United States. Located beneath the north anchorage of the Golden Gate Bridge, it's one of the must-see and most photographed places in the city. Dating back to the Civil War, the fort was an army post used for protecting the entrance to San Francisco Bay and the gateway to the city. The fort is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places and open to the public. Visitors can take a self-guided or guided tour to explore the fort's preserved historical relics and learn the fort’s story. The outpost offers spectacular panoramic views of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge, and makes for a great spot to snap photos. There’s also a nearby museum and gift shop, accessible from the fort. The fort itself is easy to access either by foot or bike from the bridge’s pedestrian walkway.

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