Faro de Lastres

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Faro de Lastres - Spain
Faro de Lastres - Spain
Faro de Lastres
📍 Spain
The Faro de Lastres in Asturias, Spain is a delightful spot to visit. Situated along the northern coastline of Asturias, near the fishing village of Lastres, the Faro de Lastres is an essential part of Asturias’ picturesque coastline. This white-painted lighthouse is about 30 meters high and offers stunning views of the Asturian coast and the nearby countryside. It is possible to climb the lighthouse’s interior staircase to the top for an unforgettable vantage point. As one of the last remaining active lighthouses along the coast of Asturias, this historical site is a charming reminder of days past, particularly at sunset and during the night when the lighthouse begins its cycle of illumination. Along with its impressive place in local history, the Faro de Lastres provides interesting opportunities for nature enthusiasts, as the area is full of abundant wildlife, including birds, squirrels, and other marine creatures.

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