Elephant Mural

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Elephant Mural - Germany
Elephant Mural - Germany
@sur_le_misanthrope - Unsplash
Elephant Mural
📍 Germany
The Elephant Mural is a huge public artwork in Berlin, Germany. It covers more than four hundred square meters of an underground carpark in the city's Kreuzberg district. The mural was created in 2004 by the British street artist Banksy, who at the time was still an anonymous figure. The artwork consists of a large elephant in an opulent, Rococo-style frame. The modern-day elephant and frame in the mural are a parody of the Trachtenberg family portraits, and it's a statement on post-WWII consumerism. The mural faces the busy LiegnitzerStr, a shopping street and residential area. Thousands of visitors and photographers come to the mural every day to appreciate its meaning and beauty, making it one of Berlin's most iconic pieces of street art.

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