Eleanor Schonell Bridge

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Eleanor Schonell Bridge - Australia
Eleanor Schonell Bridge - Australia
@cmzw - Unsplash
Eleanor Schonell Bridge
📍 Australia
The Eleanor Schonell Bridge, also known as the Green Bridge, spans the Brisbane River, connecting Saint Lucia and Dutton Park. This unique structure stands out as it is exclusively dedicated to buses, pedestrians, and cyclists, making it a serene crossing unlike the vehicular-dominated bridges. Its engineering marvel is complemented by a picturesque setting, ideal for capturing Brisbane’s blend of urban and natural beauty. Photographers should aim for dawn or dusk for soft lighting conditions that highlight the bridge's elegant lines against the skyline. The bridge's approach from the Saint Lucia end, near the University of Queensland, offers a particularly compelling composition with the riverfront as a scenic backdrop. Remember to explore the surrounding parklands and riverbanks for diverse vantage points and to capture the interplay of the bridge with the city’s vibrant life.

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