Dvortsovaya Bashnya

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Dvortsovaya Bashnya - Russia
Dvortsovaya Bashnya - Russia
@vonshnauzer - Unsplash
Dvortsovaya Bashnya
📍 Russia
Dvortsovaya Bashnya, standing tall in Veliky Novgorod, is a must-visit for photo-travelers seeking to capture the essence of Russia's medieval architecture. This historical tower, part of the Novgorod Kremlin (also known as Detinets), offers unparalleled views of the surrounding area, making it a perfect spot for landscape and architectural photography. Constructed in the 15th century, it exemplifies the military fortifications of the time. While access to the interior might be restricted, the exterior alone provides a rich tableau of Russia's past. The tower's location near the Volkhov River allows for stunning reflections and scenic backdrops, especially during sunrise or sunset when the soft light accentuates its features. Nearby, the Millennium of Russia monument and the Saint Sophia Cathedral add to the array of photographic subjects. Tip: Visit during autumn when the foliage adds a vibrant contrast to the tower's stoic grey stones.

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