Dunas De Bolonia

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Dunas De Bolonia - Spain
Dunas De Bolonia - Spain
@quinoal - Unsplash
Dunas De Bolonia
­čôŹ Spain
The Dunas de Bolonia are a unique collection of sand dunes just outside the town of Bolonia on the Atlantic coast of Andalusia, in the province of Cadiz, Spain. The dunes are the most remarkable part of this huge beach and are the result of a process of accumulation of sand due to the wind over the last few centuries. The whole area is a Natural Monument recognized for its exceptional ecological value and as a Ramsar site. It consist of 5 km of sand dunes and offers a very interesting scenery easily accessible, by foot or using the wooden walkaways all along the coast. With its incredibly clear, shallow waters the beach is an ideal area to enjoy some of the best that the area has to offer. The beach has been made more accessible by the construction of a car park, making it easy to enjoy a day here. Additionally, the dunes are perfect for activities like bird watching and exploring the nature. There is also a small fishing village nearby and many restaurants to enjoy some delicious fresh seafood.

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