Dongbaek Bridge

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Dongbaek Bridge - South Korea
Dongbaek Bridge - South Korea
@insungyoon - Unsplash
Dongbaek Bridge
📍 South Korea
Dongbaek Bridge, in Gunsan, South Korea, is a beautiful bridge that stretches across the Changseon Stream. It is surrounded by well-manicured grass and trees that make the bridge a peaceful place to sit and relax. The bridge also provides stunning views of the cityscape and the mountains of the nearby Chirisan National Park. At night, when the city lights come on, the bridge and its surroundings become truly magical. You can also take a leisurely stroll and see the sights, take boat rides, or head to the nearby waterfront cafe for a great cup of coffee and a view. Advance planning is key, so plan ahead to make sure you have the best time and enjoy your stay in Gunsan, South Korea.

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