Deniz Mall

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Deniz Mall - Azerbaijan
Deniz Mall - Azerbaijan
@ilthunn - Unsplash
Deniz Mall
📍 Azerbaijan
Deniz Mall in Baku, Azerbaijan, originally conceptualized as the Baku Ferris Wheel Project, is an eye-catching architectural marvel shaped like a set of eight-pointed stars, a significant symbol in Azerbaijani culture. Opened in 2021, this entertainment complex spanning 120,000 square meters over five floors offers a diverse range of activities and photographic opportunities. For photo-travelers, key highlights include an indoor Venetian-style canal complete with gondolas, a large indoor amusement park, and an expansive food court offering panoramic views of the Caspian Sea. The exterior and the roof, accessible to visitors, present unparalleled vistas of the Baku skyline, especially stunning during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. The LED lighting of the building at night transforms it into a glowing beacon on the waterfront, a must-capture for any travel photographer. Inside, the blend of luxury, traditional, and futuristic design elements provides a rich tapestry of photo opportunities.

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