De Koe

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De Koe - Netherlands
De Koe - Netherlands
De Koe
­čôŹ Netherlands
De Koe, located in the beautiful small city of Veere in the Netherlands, is a stunning sight and a must-see for anyone visiting the area. The building was first constructed in 1573 and has been restored to its original grandeur in the last few years. It housed the ironworks of Cornelis de Koe, a wealthy ironmaster during the Dutch Golden Age. The building still stands today as a testament to that time.

Inside the building is a museum dedicated to Veere's industrial heritage and to Cornelis de Koe, featuring a wide array of exhibitions and activities. There's also a shop to purchase souvenirs and books related to the local culture and history. This multi-level building features a grand staircase, spacious hallways and a beautiful courtyard. The top floor, where the forge used to be, provides stunning views of the city's old town and the Veerse Meer lake. On the ground floor, visitors can follow the local walking tour, which will show them all they need to know about Veere's fascinating past and its beautiful surroundings. De Koe's facade and courtyard are also great spots to admire while in Veere. The mix of traditional Dutch red-brick facades, coupled with the beautiful gabled roof and the courtyard's cobbled stone path makes it a special place for anyone looking for a unique experience.

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