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Długa - Poland
Długa - Poland
@shields_mcmxcix - Unsplash
📍 Poland
Długa is a colorful, picturesque street located in the heart of Gdańsk, Poland, and home to some of its oldest and most interesting sights. It’s a place definitely worth visiting, taking long walks along or a photo shooting. Here, visitors will find unique examples of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, such as the Golden House, the Gdansk High Castle and the Goodman House. Furthermore, interesting and interactive exhibitions, passing art exhibits, cafes, restaurants and pubs can be found all throughout the street. In addition, most buildings on Długa have vibrant and fascinating stories behind them, making for a captivating experience. Długa is also famous for its unique location. The former city walls, stepped houses and towering churches make the street a lovely and photogenic destination, especially in the morning light!

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