Crater Lake

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Crater Lake - United States
Crater Lake - United States
@chrisabney - Unsplash
Crater Lake
📍 United States
Crater Lake is a stunning and iconic destination in Snowmass Village, United States. Created by a huge eruption of a volcano over 7,000 years ago, the crater is now filled with crystal clear and turquoise-colored water up to 1,932 feet deep. From the 1,000-foot viewing point above the surface, the beauty of the lake can be seen in the distance, offering breathtaking views of its serene waters, evergreen pine trees, and the surrounding snow-capped mountains. The best way to explore the lake is by taking the two-mile circuit trail, where you can observe the majestic beauty of the lake firsthand. This is a popular destination for fishing, camping, and kayaking. There are also hot springs around the lake and many historic sites to discover.

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