Comino Beach

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Comino Beach - Malta
Comino Beach - Malta
Comino Beach
📍 Malta
Comino Beach, located in Għajnsielem, Malta, is an incredible sight, known for its stunning scenery and crystal clear water. This beach, also known as St. Mary's bay, is one of the most popular beaches in Malta and famous for its natural beauty. It is an ideal spot to try a variety of watersports and relax on the white sand.

The main reason why this beach is a favorite among travelers is the abundance of unique rock formations, as well as a few small islands located in the nearby area, including the little island of Comino, which is about half a kilometer away. Comino Beach is a great destination to practice snorkeling and admire the diversity of Malta's underwater world. Here, you can glimpse different species of endemic fish and other marine life, as well as explore the numerous coves and underwater caves. Apart from the sea and rocks, you can also admire the white sand and beautiful crystal-clear water. Along the beach, you will see several stone steps leading down to the seashore, which will allow you to get a better view of the island and sea. The beach is accessible via a boat ride or a short walk to the nearby port. There are several boat tours which can be organized from the Main Street or the Nearby Harbour. Comino beach can be busy during peak season, mostly with locals and tourists, so make sure to bring your own beach and sunscreen, as well as plenty of water to stay hydrated.

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