CN Tower

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CN Tower - From Union Station, Canada
CN Tower - From Union Station, Canada
@niull8664 - Unsplash
CN Tower
ūüďć From Union Station, Canada
The CN Tower in Toronto, Canada is one of the world's tallest free-standing buildings. Standing at an astonishing 553.3m (1,815ft) high, it offers incredible panoramic views of the city and its neighboring area from the observation deck, which sits at 342m (1,122ft). At the top, visitors can also experience hands-on displays and multimedia exhibits that show the history of television, how radio waves move and other fun facts about the Tower. Tours of the kitchens of the iconic, revolving 360 Restaurant and the Glass Floor, located at 342m (1,122ft) above the ground, offer another breathtaking experience. The CN Tower also features a special 1.5m wide edge walk, where guests can walk in a harness along a ledge that is as high as 356m (1,169ft). A wide range of restaurants and retail shops are housed in the tower, along with a restaurant at the very top. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful skyline of Toronto while relaxing in the Tower's public breezeway and events area.

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