Cleveland Dam

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Cleveland Dam - Canada
Cleveland Dam - Canada
@kelenloewen - Unsplash
Cleveland Dam
📍 Canada
Cleveland Dam is an iconic landscape in North Vancouver, Canada and a popular destination for scenic beauty and recreation. It is located just north of the Capilano River and is a dramatic reservoir surrounded by lush forests and rugged natural terrain. At the dam, visitors may marvel at the impressive spillway and surrounding park. It is flanked by towering fir trees and boasts views of the south end of the city.

Nature enthusiasts can take advantage of numerous trails in the area, including one that takes you along the Capilano River and past a historic suspension bridge, as well as taller ones that traverse dense forest and offer a view of the surrounding valley. Hikers also have access to a variety of lakes, streams and meandering paths that are conducive to spotting wildlife such as marmots and squirrels. For those more inclined to photography, Cleveland Dam remains a popular and unique subject, framed by forest and the surrounding landscape. Reaching the dam requires several steps of walking and the occasional stair climbing, with the final interaction coming when visitors return to the parking lot and the dam is visible in the distance.

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