Chennakeshava Temple

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Chennakeshava Temple - From Square, India
Chennakeshava Temple - From Square, India
@replysourabh - Unsplash
Chennakeshava Temple
📍 From Square, India
The Chennakeshava Temple is an architectural marvel belonging to the Hoysala Empire located in the town of Belur, India. It is a popular pilgrimage destination in the state of Karnataka and the centerpiece of the town. Built in 1117 CE, this temple is known for its intricate and elaborate sculptures that adorn the complex. It is also a great example of the Hoysala style of architecture. Its major features include the main hall, star-shaped platform, and the shrine of Vishnu inside the main hall. The temple’s main façade is decorated with a row of sculpted friezes and punctuated by large decorative towers. The entrance is marked by two large stone elephants that flank the doorway leading to the shrine. A series of steps lead up to the shrine, and those walking up will pass statues of Vishnu, Sita and a Vishnu avatar – Narasimha. Inside the main hall, one can marvel at a vaulted roof that is supported by intricately sculpted pillars. One will also find beautiful relief carvings on the walls of the Chennakeshava Temple depicting stories from Hindu mythology. This temple is a must-visit for any spiritual pilgrim and for admirers of ornate temple architecture.

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